The Season for Change

When you notice changes in your hair due to the winter weather, make sure the shampoo you’re using fits your hair’s current needs. As the seasons change from hot (hair becomes oilier) to cold (hair becomes drier), it may be time to adjust your shampoo. The staff at California Hairworks have the knowledge and products to properly care for your hair.

Salon Stylist Tip: You can do a deep conditioning treatment at home once or twice a week. Apply your regular conditioner on dry hair. Allow it to sit in your hair for five to ten minutes before washing and reconditioning your hair. You’ll have shiny, great looking, and healthy hair. You’ll also look like you just left the salon. Give it a try and let us know how you like it!

Shiny Healthy Hair

Colour Correction Service

Colour Correction Service

Sometimes correcting a colour can be done in one visit. But often, with a colour correction, it won’t be possible without causing damage to the hair. I prefer to schedule a hair consultation so the client is aware of the steps that need to be done in order to achieve the desired results. The client will be happier with each session knowing her hair will be healthier in the end.

One of the most common reasons for a colour correction is an at home dying job. Either it’s been left on to long or the wrong colour was applied. A shade lighter or a few shades to dark. There are lots of reasons for a colour correction.

Colour Correction

Picture above: A client had a regrowth of two inches and over processed lightened hair with a dark base underneath. She wanted an ombré look and it took two sessions to complete this look. Her hair is healthier and won’t ever give her a “grown out root” look.

Booking for a Colour/Colour Correction

When booking appointments, we consider treating each new colour client as a colour correction. We want to allow ourselves time to understand the colour history of the clients hair. This helps us prepare to maintain the integrity of the hair.

For booking information, call California Hairworks at 905-634-4466