Are You Ready for Some Highlights?

Are You Ready for Some Highlights?

Highlights look good on many women, as they give your hair depth and subtle eye candy. I love it when a client who really needs a change, asks about highlights. I have had many a client with dull mousy hair, transformed into a real head turner with some well done highlights. Here are a few of my favorite tips on how to do hair highlights right:

How to Pick the Right Color

Highlighting Your Hair

Brunettes should seriously consider trying Carmel Hair Highlights. This particular highlight color blends nicely with any brown hair (especially chocolate brown) while at the same time brightening it up a bit. Ombre and honey are also good color options for those who have light or dark brown hair.


Copper highlights are great for black hair. They stand out but are not overly ostentatious.

Blonde with Lowlights

Blond women may want to try either lowlights or a different shade of blond. Multidimensional blond highlights are particularly attractive.

Advantages of Letting Your Stylist do it.

Having your hair highlighted by a hairdresser is naturally more expensive than doing it yourself; however, the extra cost is often well worth it. Hairdressers take many factors into consideration when choosing the right type of dye for your hair; these important factors include your skin color, length and style of hair, facial shape and even your profession and style of dress.

The experienced hairdressers here in Burlington at California hairworks will ensure that the job is done right the first time around. What is more, having your hair highlighted by a professional ensure that the color remains in place and stays looking good.

Caring for Highlighted Hair

It is important to care for your hair properly if you want it to look good. You will need to invest in shampoo for color treated hair and use a plastic cap when swimming so that your hair does not become overly dry. If you already have a problem with dry hair, then you may need to visit a salon for deep conditioning treatments.

If you are not satisfied with your existing hair color, then you may want to consider having it highlighted rather going the full color route. Highlights look good on all types and colors of hair and can completely transform your appearance and boost your self esteem.