Beach Waves

Simple and Quick Tips to Achieve Beautiful Beach Waves.

1. Start by washing your hair. We recommend a thickening or body building shampoo. Rinse well.

2. Use conditioner and focus near the mid shaft to ends of your hair. Rinse with lukewarm to cool water. This will close and tighten the hair shaft.

3. Towel dry and apply a styling mousse evenly all over. We recommend a full volume or curl defining mousse to achieve best hold and definition.

4. With your blow dryer, rough dry hair on low setting while scrunching your hair. Do this until 90% dry.

5. Part your hair down the middle and section off the two sides. Start at the top with a French braid all the way down to the ends. Firmly secure with an elastic. Continue on the other side. Get a friend to help with the French braid if needed.

6. Two options. 1.) Sleep through the night with the braids. 2.) On your low setting dry the braids until 100% dry and release the elastics and gently undo the braids. Shake with fingers. It should be bouncy and wavy, just like it is after a day at the beach.

7. Finish with hairspray to keep it set thorough out the day.

* Make sure hair is 100% dry before taking out your braids