Style of the Week – Round Brush Blow Dry

It is important to begin with freshly washed hair, especially if you want the look to last for several days.

Begin by towel drying your hair until all of the excess moisture has been removed. Apply a straightening product to your hair and start using the blow dryer roughly throughout. This will help take more of the moisture out and reduce time.

Now use hair clips to section and pin your hair up and away from the portions where you will begin working.

  1. Beginning with the bottom section, use your round brush and starting from the root, wrap the hair around the brush and drag down.
  2. Make sure to direct the airflow as you run the brush all the way through the hair firmly.
  3. Do this until the hair is fully dry. Repeat this process for each section, removing clips to expose the hair you will be using next.

The end result will be silky smooth hair with a shine and wave from the round brush. TIP: For maximum volume and wave, let the hair cool around the brush before you release it.

What you will need:

  • Blow dryer with an attachment to focus the air
  • A round brush
  • Products to help smooth and straighten the hair
  • Large clips to hold up sections of hair